🌟 Australia Day 2017 🌟

Hosts: Obi-Cal 10pmMeerkat FancyFeathers Redman
Date: January 26, 2017 - Thursday
Time: 10:30am - 3pm
Region: Oceania
Location: Elsternwick Park, Brighton, Victoria 3186 |Event Indicator Pin Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
Event location: https://www.munzee.com/map/r1r07qm7s/16

NEWS FLASH ! Guess who is coming?! That's right ... Rob "CoachV" Vardeman and Events Guru Louise "geoibsons" Gibson from MHQ have Officially confirmed that THEY ARE COMING, and will be attending all Events in Melbourne and Shepparton from 25th - 28th January 2017!!

2nd NEWS FLASH - Carl from Geostuff, along with his lovely wife Debbie And their beauiful four legged companion Woody, will All be coming to the Australia Day Event!! Carl began 2017 with some pretty serious health issues, however he is Back and better than ever. The organising Committee are super grateful to both Geostuff and Geologgers for their ongoing support and committment to our "Big Day".

The 🌟 Australia Day 2017 🌟 Event will definitely live up to the hype we've been promoting . Having Munzee "Royalty" attending our Event, isn't something that happens every day, so we're going all out to show Rob and Louise our true Aussie spirit. Fantastic food, great company, and a Heap of great Munzee fun. That's what we're planning. Overall we simply want to bring lots of like-minded people together, and have FUN!

At our most recent update (25/1/2016), we have 117 Attendees, so it's looking very likely that this will be Australia's very first 100 Attendess - Centurion EVENT as well!

We can also confirm that our Geocaching Event has been created, and currently has 38 "Will Attends". Have you RSVPed? Here is the link if you haven't already: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC6YN4Z_australia-day-meet-greet-a-worlds-collide-event

So folks, that's triple the fun ... Munzee, EventZee and Geocaching. It's going to be a ripper of a day! Australia Day also marks Louise's Birthday, so a double celebration with cake obviously involved, will definitely be in order. 🎂🥂 🎆🎁🎉🍰🍦🍕🍴🎈

All Events will be held at the same location, on the same day - Elsternwick Park, Brighton. This beautiful park boasts: loads of beautiful parkland, BBQ's, amazing kids playgrounds, toilets, rotundas, and free parking There's a generous "off leash" doggie friendly area, and the park is within easy access to public transport. Not to mention a 5 min walk away from Elwood Beach and a great cafe strip along the nearby Ormond Road and surrounding shops.

All things on offer:

* Meet the Makers
* Meet Rob
* Meet Louise
* Reseller (Geostuff / Carl & Deb)
* Event Badge
* A Second Super Secret Event Badge - many thanks to MHQ
* Twice the Fun
* CoExist
* Centurian Attendee (It's looking good so far (UPDATE: We Did It!))

But wait, there's more!
* 100 Event Special icons,
* 150 MVM's. Yes you read correctly, 150 Event MVMs
* NEW Event Trail not yet seen in Australia. 😎
* Red's Aussie Day Adventure Raffle
* Free Parking galore
* Prizes prizes prizes, and fun fun fun!

All deploys are greatly appreciated, with the guarantee of Great cap on's folks and shall I say - GROW THE MAP! 😎

Kindest regards,

Shelli, Callum, Anthea & Red (Pete).

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