Explore Buffalo: Kick-Off Event

Host: DarthGarbage
Date: July 25, 2015 - Saturday
Time: 9:00am-10:00am
Region: North America
Location: Wilkeson Pointe - Buffalo, NY Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
Did you know that the worlds first No Left Turn signal was placed in Buffalo? Neither did I. The Queen City is full of history. This munzee tour is designed to highlight the important, and obscure, parts of that history. There will be 95 event munzees placed within the city limits. Most of them you can drive right up to, but there a few where you cannot. Information packets containing info on all of the sites and the QR codes to scan will be handed out at this event. Therefore, in order to capture the event munzees, you must have the information packet. If you cannot make it to the event and still want to participate, you can make arrangements with me ahead of time to get the required information. The event munzees will go live at 10am following the conclusion of this event. I will also be randomly placing 5 MVMs within the city limits. There will be a special prize for anyone who captures at least 60 of the event munzees. If you manage to capture all 100, well that is worthy of a cookie! Also, the person with the most points by the start of the wrap-up event (3pm) will receive 10 mystery munzees. Prizes will be handed out at the wrap-up event the following day. There will also be a photo contest held through the NY & Friends Facebook group page. Details on that later.

As for the Kick-Off event, it will take place at Wilkeson Pointe along the Outer Harbor. I will be on site from 9am-10am handing out the information you need to kick off your tour. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Spend the weekend exploring the city. You will definitely see that Buffalo is much more than snow and chicken wings.

UPDATE (6/15/15): NY & Friends Photo Contest
The morning of the event I will start a thread on the NY & Friends Facebook Group page. Feel free to upload any picture you take on your tour to that thread. At the Wrap-Up Event the following day, I will look through the pictures. The person who took the picture I like best will win 5 mystery stickers.

UPDATE (7/24/15): I have 10 copies of the information booklet needed to take the tour. Any groups touring together will have to share.

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