Montana's Butte Event

Host: mwalker1983
Date: June 28, 2014 - Saturday
Time: 4:30
Region: North America
Location: Butte Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:

We will be at the pavilion starting at about 8:30 am. We will have refreshments available and be able to watch people's stuff while they are out capping. We will also be able to provide and assistance and guidance to good capping spots.

The picnic will be at the Mt Con Mine pavilion at 4:30 pm.

T Shirts will be available for $10, Long sleeved t's for $14, and Hooded sweat shirts for $25. We will some extra t shirts on hand but please pre-order with Melissa Nichols (mwalker1983) to make sure that your size will be available and reserved for you. If you would like a sweatshirt or long sleeve that will need to be pre-ordered.

There are a lot of specials in Butte. The event site is packed with RMH virtuals with promises of many more. The special icons for the event will roll out starting at 7 am. There will also be a very special guest that will earn you the "meet the maker" badge.

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