"Crossing Over II" - 2015

Host: FrankBroughton
Date: June 13, 2015 - Saturday
Time: 1PM
Region: North America
Location: The Buffalo Light House - Buffalo, NY Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
Our second annual "Crossing Over" event in conjunction with "Flash Mob" day..

UPDATE 6/12/15 The Lighthouse is close, meet at this Munzee:
Munzee Event is located at the Munzee: http://www.munzee.com/m/FrankBroughton/2502/

Dinner (dutch) & Awards Ceremony is located at this Munzee: http://www.munzee.com/m/FrankBroughton/4098/

Update 4/4/15:
We will have an Event badge for this event and also special icons for the Event Munzees.

UPDATE 5/19/15:
2 badges & 2 icons will be available for this event:
1. Co-exist Badge & Special Icon
2. The Event Badge & Special Icons

The Following Event Munzees will be on the map:
15 Mystery Virtuals Munzees
50 Double Point Special Icon Munzees
50 Special Icon Munzees

Awards/certificates will be handed out for those who score high with the Event Munzees.

UPDATE 5/20/15:
The Geocaching Flash Mob Event Info:
1. The Event Listing: http://coord.info/GC5R1HY
2, Name: WWFM XII - Buffalo Flash Mob...Extended Edition
3. Starts at 1 PM and Ends at 1:30 PM.

Our Munzee Tentative Schedule:
1 PM - Meet at the same location, the Buffalo Lighthouse in the Outer Harbor.
1 PM - 1:15 PM Mingle among the Geocachers
and see if any are interested in learning more about Munzee.
1:15 PM - 1:30 PM Meet up with Munzee Players to go over the Event Munzees...
1:30 PM - 4 PM Go after the event Munzees... (Early captures will disqualify you from the awards.)
4:30 PM Meet at The Hatch at the Erie Basin Marina for dinner and to see the results of the day. Top scores will earn awards...

UPDATE 6/11/15
We will be selling 50 - 30/20 Raffle tickets to help defray the cost. There will be two winners, the 1st drawn will get 30% of the pot and the 2nd drawn will get 20%. Tickets will be $1 for 1 / $5 for 6 / $10 for 13 / $20 for 30 - funds raised will be used exclusively to defray cost for the event. Any extra will go for future events. As any of you who have hosted a Munzee event know, hosting an event can be expensive. Participation would be HIGHLY appreciated...

Everyone who participates at the $5 level or above will receive a Mystery Munzee sticker (1 per person limit) as a small token of appreciation. $20 dollar level will get you 2 Mystery Munzee Stickers (1 set of 2 per person limit).

Some have already donated to this event, you know who you are... THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your support!

UPDATE 6/12/15
Everyone who signs up as Will Attend on the event page by Friday at 7 PM and attends will receive a nice 4 x 6 full glossy personalized memento of the event!

Any suggestions please Pm me on Facebook:

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