First of Many

Host: Ziggy58
Date: September 20, 2014 - Saturday
Time: 11:30
Region: Oceania
Location: Veale Gardens, Southern Parklands, Adelaide - http Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
It's our first ever SA Munzee event, so let's make it awesome! Meet at the Munzee

There'll be a special event badge for those who attend, tonnes of new greenies in a local trail to cap, 100 'event only' greenies for attendees to cap too, a virtual garden for you to run a mock in and coloured virtuals so you can get your Roy G Biv badge. There will also be a Rover kennel to drop off and pick up any pups you might want to have taken for a walk.

There'll be several competitions and free raffles as well, with some great prizes including gift vouchers from Munzee HQ, gift vouchers and goodies donated by and some unique goodies donated by Please click on the "I'm going!" button below if you're attending so you can be part of the competition leaderboard and inline for the prizes.

So let's celebrate the game, grow the map and have some fun! Bring a picnic lunch, your smart phone for capping, and your smile.

Meet at the Munzee in the garden, next to the tram stop and nearby The Pavillion, at 11:30 to begin, get your event badge and the competitions details. Then off for some event capping and meet back at 4pm for prize giving.

Parking available on South Terrace, Peacock Road, Greenhill Road, Sir Lewis Cohen Ave and in the Pavillion car park.

20 Attendants: