Newport News, VA - GCHR Mega Munzee Fun

Host: huggyd1
Date: August 30, 2014 - Saturday
Time: 11 AM
Region: North America
Location: Newport News Park, Newport News, VA Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
Meet @ 11 AM at (a MVM near fenceline and parking area.

There will be some special event items to enhance the experience. Stay tuned and spread the word.

There will be a Friday night Munzee event as part of this event at:
Buffalo Wild Wings
12150 Jefferson Ave
Newport News, VA 23602
N 37° 06.528 W 076° 29.766

In addition there will be some specials, icons/badges, and event specific MVMs and 2x Greenies for your physical capping needs.

A virtual garden has been established, or at least in the works. Visit :

for more details on how to contribute.

If you also geocache, there has been an event created for the Friday evening portion of this event to share the fun and let people learn about munzee fun.

------ post event "analysis ------
As of 8 PM 8/31/2014
10 people completed the event "challenge" to capture all 100 special event munzees.

Congrats to kimee (1st), we4ncs, iamfull & bajaclan for completing the 100 challenge on 8/30.

For those still seeking or curious about where they are/were, check this out for a little help:

Leaderboard found here:

25 Attendants: