Halloween in Space

Hosts: DalenBarb JackSparrow ChickenRun
Date: October 31, 2015 - Saturday
Time: 10:00am to noon
Region: North America
Location: lori wilson park | SPACE coast | FL Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
trick or treat!

lets come together for a short meet and greet on HALLOWEEN!
we have reserved the "kelly slater" pavilion in the park (thanks to dalenbarb for their quick help!)
closest munzee is http://www.munzee.com/m/eventindicator/18/map/
we bring with us: special icon, badge, some points and socials ;-)
after the event a themed eventzee photohunt will be started, so be sure you have the latest eventzee version ready on your phone.

we bring some sweeties (donuts), fruits (water melon) and water.

please take note that all physical event munzees are only cappable during the time of the event.

if you copy this url into your mobile browser you have the latest information always ready!
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