Hearts in the Heart of Washington DC

Host: obxgeek
Date: March 14, 2015 - Saturday
Time: Noon
Region: North America
Location: The north side of the Washington Monument Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
Game Results!!!!

The Overall fastest person to Capture all 101 Munzees was bfloanonchick!!!
Closely followed by verit4s less than a minute later.

In no particular order the following people capped all 101 event munzees:

In addition to the above winsomesmile and mikeb964 made it over the required 75 caps to earn a a blast capture.

For the 5 motels, they landed on Munzees 34, 3, 69, 79, & 5
#34 LedaEkim - The Summer House - Site 13
#3 airnut - Lincoln Memorial - Site 1
#69 southernspeed - Supreme Court - Site 26
#79 tazscouter - Museum of American History - Site 30
#5 LedaEkim - Ulysses S. Grant Memorial at the Capitol - Site 2

There were 40 total accounts that captured at least one event munzee.


Join Munzee players from around the region as the time for the hearts comes to a close. We will be meeting on the north side of the Washington monument at noon and will get a group picture then. Following that will be some activities to take you around the Mall giving you the chance to explore some interesting locations as well as capture the munzees hidden in the area, the fields of Virtuals and Mystery Virtuals as well as get an upset tummy from all the candy hearts you consume in the process.

The event badge will be available to scan at the Washington Monument at noon when we all gather before setting off for the race.

As the question has come up a couple of times and this month has a greenie requirement, the event munzees will not be greenies. They will all have a special icon for the event. The decision on special vs not had to be made well before the clan requirements came out for March.

There will be prizes for the fastest to capture all the event munzees. There is no restriction as far as transportation in the battle for fastest to capture. Feel free to bring a bike (or there are bike rentals in locations around the Mall) scooter, rascal or whatever helps you move about. But to qualify you can not have capped any of the event munzees before noon but you are welcome to show up late and see if you can catch up.

*** Late addition! *** If you capture at least 75 of the event munzees you will earn a blast capture that will be awarded after the event munzees disappear. If you can capture them all then you will receive 2 blast captures. ***

There will be 5 randomly chosen munzees where the first person in the competition to capture them will receive a motel credit. Which of the event munzees those are will not be announced until after the event to keep things interesting.

There is a race happening in DC the same day so parking may be difficult to find so plan ahead and consider using the metro to arrive. Federal Triangle or Smithsonian stops will be the closest options to the event location.

Please log your "I'm Going" so that we have enough materials for the day's games available.

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