MHQ Bash 5 Saturday Evening

Hosts: matthewmccann coachV munzee
Date: October 27, 2018 - Saturday
Time: 6-8pm
Region: North America
Location: Warren Sports Complex in Frisco, TX Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
Monster Mash- Saturday October 27, 2018 (PM)
Warren Sports Complex (Park) - Frisco, TX
Saturday Evening Hangout
This is a low key time to hang out after a long day of capping. Plenty of time between the other MHQ events to go cap Munzees in the area. This park is huge and open territory for new deploys. We plan to meet at one of the shelters but the actual location is not currently "nailed down" in this park.

Here's a new player built virtual garden nearby!
You can find the spreadsheet at

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