Discover Mint Hill

Host: queensgrantmusic
Date: May 02, 2015 - Saturday
Time: 9 AM - 3 PM
Region: North America
Location: Mint Hill, North Carolina Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
This event will be the first in this area. Check out


It is in cunjuction with Discover Mint Hill. Mint Hill is a small town just south east of Charlotte, North Carolina. We are going to have a Discover Mint Hill BADGE and SPECIALS along with over 100 Munzee Prizes and 100 Unique Discover Mint Hill PathTags.

This event will also be in conjunction with a Geocaching Event "The BIG BLUE Switch: 15 Years Off!!! ( and an ( Event.

The specials will be worth 10 points each. We will also have special Virtuals and Mystery Virtuals on the map. There are two Munzee Trails and 1000's of Munzees in the area. Within a 10 minute drive is North Carolina Oldest Geocache: Octopus Garden
If you attend this or any geocaching event on May 2, you will receive a special geocaching badge. About 20 minutes to the North is the Oldest opencache anywhere. Check out this area with before you come. The zip code is 28227. You can learn about some of the history. Don't forget to bring a penny and 2 quarters for the penny machine inside the Assay Office.

Please contact me for hotel information.

Munzee Clan War Information: The specials will stay on the map for 48 hours in case you are staying over Saturday night and want to start your clan wars off with a lot of points.

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