The Great 2014 Mooja Tree Hunt

Host: CrazyLadyLisa
Date: November 15, 2014 - Saturday
Time: 10 am
Region: Oceania
Location: The Swan Coastal Plain Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
The Wildflower Society of Western Australia is holding a seminar/workshop on the 22nd November. You do not need to attend the seminar or the orientation (below) to participate As part of the seminar there will be a month long Munzee Event. The Mooja is our native Christmas Tree, just starting to show all their glorious orange flowers. There will be 20 trees tagged with a special munzee and not only an icon and a badge but the WSWA are going to reward the first 20 to find 10 trees with a young mooja tree and the 10th person to get all 20 will earn a mystery prize. Now to start all this off on the 15th November there will be an orientation event at Wireless Hill at 10 am. This is aimed at non-munzee hunters, who are attending the seminar, to come along and learn munzee basics, cap their first mooja tree and maybe another munzee or 2. You are all welcome to come and help introduce newbies to munzee hunting, and cap the first tree for yourselves as well. I will then see if more are interested at the seminar itself, who will then have another 3 weeks to find the trees. But be warned, the trees are quite widespread over the Swan Coastal Plain.

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