Monkey PUNCH Munzee BD!!!

Hosts: jarcc arts5
Date: July 04, 2015 - Saturday
Time: 10am
Region: North America
Location: Findlay, Ohio Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
What is more fun than a monkey? What is more fun than a dinosaur? What is more fun than a monkey PUNCHing a dinosaur?!?! Well the answer is nothing EXCEPT this munzee birthday celebration!!!

We will have a badge and special icons!!! We will have virtuals, mystery virtuals, and 10 point special greenies!!! We will also have some prizes (no cheap generics but some nice stuff), 50/50 raffles, and lots of fun!!! SInce this is an event to celebrate Munzee's 4th birthday, all participants will also get a munzee birthday badge!!! So 2 badges for this event!!!

We will have this event from 10am to 1pm and then have our raffle and prizes for event winners. The special icons will be taken down shortly after the celebration. We wanted to make this a quick event so players could make it here and be able to go to other celebrations they might have for the 4th. So to get the badge make sure you are on time! Cake and PUNCH will be served compliments of the host.

LOCATION is Shelter #2 at Riverbend Park. They have restrooms and a playground all near the Shelter. Here is a munzee right at the shelter so everyone knows where to come:

Want to add virtuals to the area? Here' s two gardens we are growing. The first requires red mvm and red virtuals:
The second requires colored or non-colored mvm or colored virtuals (please no plain regular virtuals):
If you add to these gardens message arts5 so I can update the spreadsheet since it is locked.
If you want to add one and are attending we will give 5 raffle tickets to you for each mvm, colored mvm, or colored virtual you add. But you must be present at the event to participate in this raffle. I have other raffles as stated in spreadsheets, but these are unrelated to the event raffle.

UPDATE 6/17/2015: Matt from MHQ is to be in attendance and I understand he will have his own special badge when you meet him, so this will make 3 badges (Matt's, Munzee BD, and the event badge) and the special icon as well.

The raffles we are having is a 50/50 raffle to help out on expenses. The tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. We will also have prizes for the top players in this event by points. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will get prizes. 1st will get 10 mystery stickers, 2nd will get 1 diamond, 1 motel, and 1 ruby sticker, and 3rd will get a 5 mystery stickers and 1 motel. Along with that the top 3 will also all get up to 10 special generics. If there are any ties we will determine winner by rock-paper-scissors. Each person to attend will get a mystery sticker and a limited edition generic sticker just for coming out. EVENT LEADERBOARD is

We will also have some door prizes. They will remain a mystery but we will make up a list of about 10 things and when we see or hear them then that person will get a door prize. For example, one item on the list may be red shirt, so the first person we see with a red shirt will get one of our door prizes. Come prepared :)

REMEMBER FREE PUNCH! and cake (while it last). Monkeys aren't patient or kind and they eat fast!!!

UPDATE July 1st: It has rained just about everyday here for weeks. I haven't checked yet but I'm sure the trails are a mess. Bring your boots! If the trails are too muddy we won't put the event munzees on them. Also I'm not sure how the mosquitoes will be. We will have deet available but if it's too bad we will not put the event munzees deep in the woods.

Deploy your virtuals on the 4th here for 4x pts. We are gonna put them close by around the reservoir so you can walk and cap.

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