Munzee Quadrathlon Sydney 2015

Host: Czechroo
Date: July 04, 2015 - Saturday
Time: 1:00pm
Region: Oceania
Location: Cathy Freeman Park at Sydney Olympic Park Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
Happy 4th Birthday Munzee Event at Sydney Olympic Park near the Olympic Games Cauldron in Cathy Freeman Park.

Please come along to celebrate the 4th birthday of Munzee with other local players and spend an hour or two capping and deploying.

Up to 4 badges (4th birthday badge, Event badge, Twice The Fun badge, Coexist badge) to grab If we get 10 or more munzee players attending. In addition we have 50 double point greenies, 20 VMs and 20 MVMs and special icon munzees.

There is also a competition open to everyone based on the event leaderboard. The prizes up for grabs are mysteries, MVMs and hotels. Winners will be announced between 1:30-2pm.

1st 10 mysteries, 2 MVMs, 2 hotels
2nd 5 mysteries, 1 MVM, 2 hotels
3rd 3 mysteries, 1 MVM, 1 hotel
4th 2 mysteries, 1 MVM
5th 1 mystery

30+ Eventzee clues are also ready. Everyone who registered their attendance has been added. Others have to scan a qr code to join the photo hunt.

BOTH MUNZEES AND CLUES GO LIVE AT 11am so everyone has plenty of time before we meet at 1pm.

Hope to see you there

21 Attendants: