#Kansas City Munzee Birthday Bash

Hosts: StealthRT daysleeperdot KlassicKelly
Date: July 04, 2015 - Saturday
Time: 10 a.m. til it's over
Region: North America
Location: Ryan's - 10810 W 75th St Shawnee, KS 66214 Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
Please join us to help celebrate Munzee turning 4 with special icons and an eventzee event. Stuck working when the event starts? Message/email daysleeperdot and we can work around it -as everyone should be able to participate in the birthday fun! :)

Coexist: 9a.m. Geocaching Event hosted by StealthRT: THE KC MASTER EVENT - 507 It's Been A Good Run GC5WTPJ. You are welcome to join and have breakfast or just drop in to say hi. If you are a geocacher, this event qualifies for the 2nd Souvenir Badge (July 3-Sept 2 - Attend an Event, Mega-Event or Giga-Event)! More info can be found here: http://www.geocaching.com/blog/2015/05/join-the-geocaching-road-trip-15-earn-6-souvenirs/

We will be meeting in Ryan's parking lot at 10 am (NW of front door) to go over event details and to have a quick raffle for prizes.


* Official Munzee Birthday Badge (for attending a munzee birthday event)
* Kansas City's Munzee Birthday Bash Event Badge
* CoExist Badge (to go along with the geocache event)
* Twice The Fun Badge (must participate in both the Munzee event & the Eventzee event)


* Kansas City Munzee Birthday Bash icon
* CoExist icon
* Eventzee Event Attendee icon (must participate in the Eventzee event)


Raffle Prize (credit winners):
yhtak57 - prize: 1 Rover, 1 Social
ArtCrasher - prize: 2 Hotels
IzzePop - prize: 1 Hotel, 1 Motel
iamdeana - prize: 1 Hotel, 1 Motel
heartlandlove - prize: 2 Motels

Kansas City Photo Hunt:
Many thanks to all that played, hope everyone had a wonderful time - I really enjoyed all the photos submitted. And now for the winners!

Winner: nyisutter (whom is donating to AliWolf)- prize: Premium Membership, 1 MVM

1st Loser: AliWolf - prize: 3 MVM, 1 Hotel, 1 Rover

Last Place: ShadowChasers - prize: 1 MVM, 1 Motel, 1 Social

Drawing for Capturing all 100 Special Icons:
Janzattic - prize: Premium Membership

Prize credits will be submitted to MHQ once the event icons leave the map and drawing for the prize winner is complete.

Email sent 07/07 /15 to have prizes awarded to the winners.

26 Attendants: