Tidewater Munzee/Eventzee Birthday Blast

Hosts: CaptainTrips ThyiaDeucaliaPromethea Beadmobile
Date: July 05, 2015 - Sunday
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Region: North America
Location: City View Park, 2073 Kempsville Rd., Va. Beach, VA Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
We're trying to provide a local event in case anyone in Tidewater is unable to attend an event somewhat out of the area. But just in case you were thinking of attending the Cary, N.C. event, we'll keep ours early! Plan on a bit of birthday cake, of course, but further details have not been locked in place yet. Stay tuned!

June 8, 2015 Update: This event has been updated to add a third host (Beadmobile), who has graciously agreed to help add to the fun by managing an Eventzee event tied into this Munzee event. At this point, the organizers have agreed on providing attendees with the chance to cap 50 MVMs, 40 VMs, and 10 Greenies (each Greenie has a special icon designed just for our event). In adddition, attendees will also be able to earn a badge for attending this event. Furthermore, with an Eventzee attached to the event, all attendees who participate in the Eventzee will be given an additional 500 Munzee points and earn the Twice the Fun badge (if they haven't already earned it). Looking forward to seeing everyone!

15 Attendants: