4th Birthday NC Munzee event

Host: WE4NCS
Date: July 05, 2015 - Sunday
Time: 5:00 PM - Eventzee at 1:00 PM
Region: North America
Location: Rally Point Grill at 1837 N. Harrison Ave Cary NC Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
This event will be an opportunity to celebrate both the 4th Munzee birthday and the 239th U.S. Birthday and get the Munzee Birthday Badge. In addition a Special Event Badge and Icon created just for this event will be available for attendees along with special event munzees to capture - the 4 candle cupcakes will appear on the map early on Saturday July 4th - this a change but takes advantage of the Quad day. The 50 special 4 candle cupcake icons will be 10 points each and there are no proximity rules. To get the Special Event Badge you will need to have scanned ten of the event icons - they will show up on the map at 8 AM Saturday.. Plus gift certificate prizes for capturing the most icons - 1st, 2cd and 3rd but only one of each. Ties will just have to be judged.

There will be an Eventzee. It will start at 1 PM. By participating you will get an Eventzee badge, the Twice the Fun badge, a special Eventzee attendee icon and 500 Munzee points. You will have to be at the Rally Point parking lot at around 1 PM to scan the special Eventzee event QR code then you will have the rest of day and Monday to submit pictures based on the clues. And all the points and photos will count toward the other Eventzee badges. There will be two categories - in town and out-of-town participants. Prize for each.

There is a MVM at the event location - http://www.munzee.com/m/WE4NCS/4373/ - Event on July 5. The coords are 35.8313 -78.7704

And there are hundreds of munzees nearby to capture including hundreds of mysteries, many hotels and motels, an aquamarine trail, the 200+ C.A.R.Y. virtual garden and a new rainbow colored virtual garden. So if you want to make your clan goals early, this event and this day will do it for you. Right behind the event location is a string of color virtuals so you can get your ROY G BIV badge. Plan your day and get your 5K and/or 10K badges.

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