Metro Vancouver Post Holiday Cap'ing

Hosts: FindDeezee PAKRee Sportygal7
Date: December 27, 2015 - Sunday
Time: High Noon (aka 12:00 hours)
Region: North America
Location: 49 13.034 -122 54.526 Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
Meet at the picnic shelter (the one at the lat/long above) near the band stand at noon in Queen's park. See for specific location.

Queens Park, New Westminster | 1 street 3 Avenue | CANADA in the independent province of British Columbia

Welcome to Matt from Munzee Headquarters! We hope to have some snow in the mountains for him this year...or at least a tour of all the Starbucks and MEC stores (he'll need a toque at this time of year).

17 Attendants: