Rosemary Buchanan memorial event

Hosts: Andy69 pilsleyguy nuttynan Jamspongeandouzy
Date: May 20, 2018 - Sunday
Time: 11 am- 2pm
Region: Europe
Location: Old castle pub | Old castle road Salisbury sp1 3sf | Salisbury | Wiltshire |Event Indicator Pin Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
This is an event in memory of my mum...
I know that many of you never met her but she did like a party, so please join me in remembering her at this event ...

There will be up to 100 event pins plus 50 MVM's and a badge and special icon to cap plus a virtual garden with around 287 MVM's nearby..

Event pins live at 10am

There will also be the (LGAS) Salisbury, UK event running along side so please join us and and earn lots of points and 2 separate badge

The venue for the event at the Old Castle pub garden

Quick Deploys of any type of Virtuals are most welcome in the surrounding area.

Leader board url

** GROUP PHOTO ** outside the pub at 2pm followed by free prize draw (see LGAS event listing on Calendar for further details)

87 Attendants: