Everything's S'more Fun with Munzee

Hosts: jarcc arts5
Date: October 24, 2015 - Saturday
Time: 6pm-???
Region: North America
Location: somewhere in Findlay, Ohio Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
This one will go on from 6pm til ??? We will all sit around the campfire and tell stories about Rob and how manly he is or just scary munzee stories. I have a reoccurring nightmare that I fall asleep and forget to deploy. I tell this story to Louise quite frequently. While telling stories, I will provide all the ingredients you need to make s'mores. You will also be able to hand cap the 100 mvm at this location. We want this event to just be a relaxed, chilled event. There will be a badge and special icon here as well.

Update: We will have 2 mysteries and 30 event munzees here. I have placed them with trail marker tacks for hunting in the dark, so bring a flashlight if you want to hunt them after 7pm or so. In addition to the s'mores I am hoping to provide drinks and maybe a pizza. There could be a few prizes too.

13 Attendants: