Spartanburg Turkey Hunt

Hosts: AgentHop sandlapper120 hsill
Date: November 21, 2015 - Saturday
Time: 9am-4pm
Region: North America
Location: 141 North Cleveland Park Drive, Spartanburg, SC Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
Looking for something to do before getting together with relatives for turkey day? How about spending it with us in Spartanburg on November 21st for the 1st annual Spartanburg Turkey Hunt. This is an all day event beginning at 9am where we will have an informational kickoff meeting telling what all is involved with the Turkey Hunt, and will conclude at 4pm at a local eating establishment where prizes will be will given out and stories about the day swapped (must be present at the 4pm meetup to win prizes). This is not your typical come grab a badge and icon event. You will be competing for prizes, capping to earn badges, and exploring Spartanburg Munzee style. More details will be given at the 9am kickoff meetup.

There will be an Event badge and custom icon, an Eventzee badge, and 2 other event activity related badges. Did you catch that? That is 4 badges and an icon...3 badges and the icon you will only get by coming to the Spartanburg Turkey Hunt and participating in the activities. There is also a possibility of other badges that can be earned, but we don't have the details worked completely out yet, but will update this page as needed.

So if you are tired of the just come grab a badge and icon event without really much interaction with the area and fellow Munzee players, the Spartanburg Turkey Hunt is where you want to be. You will have a great time exploring our fine city while having fun doing what we all love to do - capture those Munzees. Mark your calendars and plan to join us in Spartanburg as we kickoff the 1st Annual Spartanburg Turkey Hunt.

**GPS Coordinates to the Event: N 34° 57.795 W 081° 56.974**

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