Straddling the Meridian

Host: rodz
Date: April 19, 2015 - Sunday
Time: 12:30 till 1PM only so don't be late
Region: Europe
Location: Greenwich Park: NW corner of Pavilion Tea House Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
Event is here:
There will a grouping of special icons close to the event that will go live on Saturday.

Ready for a Mean Time in Greenwich, where East meets West? The event takes place in Greenwich Park where the longitude is zero (close to the meridian itself) between 12:30 and 1PM.

There will be a badge for the event with special Munzees and some event MVMs. Now this is Blighty and April can bring showers or hot sunny weather - who knows what it will do in the day? So come prepared. There are plenty of local facilities in Greenwich. But let's face it you came to cap!

Note: due to an as yet unannounced announcement, the Greenwich area has been blocked off to new virtual deployments - but there is plenty of space around the park. Also please note the Royal Parks of London do not want any physical Munzees in their Parks.

If you are attending either of the London events then please join the FB group:

Saturday April 18th event

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