Stretch Those Legs In Spartanburg

Hosts: AgentHop hopsgeneral
Date: October 12, 2019 - Saturday
Time: 13:00:00
Region: North America
Location: Spartanburg Get Fit Munzee Trail | 211 Sydnor Rd | Spartanburg | South Carolina |Event Indicator Pin Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
********************************************************************************BREAKING NEWS*****************************************************************************
Not only will Dale & Barb be here with the AWESOME Space Coast GeoStore (which is super cool), but Rob will also be attending. Yep, the big guy himself will be showing up. That will be 3 representatives from MHQ coming to Spartanburg. Will you be there?
This is 2 of 3 events happening on this day. Spartanburg is home to a unique Munzee Trail - The Get Fit Munzee Trail.
This 30-pin trail was created by a Girl Scout to encourage more people to get outside and excercise. The young lady worked closely with Rob and Matt to create this one-of-a-kind trail by logging many miles walking the trail taking coordinate readings, assisting with designing the pin and badge, and organizing a kickoff event. Upon completion of this project the young Scout not only got a visit from Matt (an Eagle Scout himself) at the kickoff event, but most importantly, she also earned her Silver Award, the second highest award in Girl Scouts.
The trail will take you on a 4-mile (approximately...I think it's a little shorter. We can measure it while out there) wooded loop along the Cottonwood, Loblolly, and Pinecone trails in the Edwin McGriffin Nature Preserve. Once you capture all 30 pins you will receive a unique badge created specifically for the trail.
The event will take place at the 1st pin of the trail, and all event pins will be scattered along the trail via orange surveyor flags. There is plenty of parking close by, and you can also capture/blast some emerald pins while walking since the Spartanburg Emerald Garden sets right next to the trail. We hope that you can join us as we walk the Get Fit Munzee Trail and earn the badge.
As an added bonus, The SpaceCoast GeoStore will be with us throughout the day so you can stock up on the many munzees in their inventory (and it is huge) while in the area.
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If you can't make it in person, you can join us virtually by either placing something around the event pin or in one of the gardens around Spartanburg (thank you for your consideration):
Event Pin Area:
SC State Garden:
Sapphire Garden:
Flat Rob/Matt Garden:
Catapult Garden: Link:
Crossbow Arrowhead:

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