Texas meets Florida in LA

Hosts: SpaceCoastGeoStore DalenBarb
Date: November 13, 2016 - Sunday
Time: 9:00 - 11:00 am
Region: North America
Location: City Park | 1 Palm Dr | New Orleans | LA |Event Indicator Pin Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
Well looks like the Roadwarriors are headed to Geocaching event in the Big Easy on Saturday so why not have a Munzee event on Sunday? We need to exchange some things with the infamous CoachV so we thought we would throw a party in City Park. We plan to arrive around 9:00 near the Popp Bandstand and Morning Call. Just look for the Munzee shirts. We will have a badge on hand and some new munzees in the park for your capping pleasure. Make plans now to join your "local" reseller and Mr Pres himself.

12 Attendants: