WNY Spring Fling 2015 (Badge and Icon event)

Host: Bfloanonchick
Date: April 25, 2015 - Saturday
Time: 11:00 am
Region: North America
Location: Como Lake Park, Lancaster, NY Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
Come celebrate the return of spring in WNY (we hope!) with a Munzee event!

We will have a special badge and pin available for all attendees (I've now seen the proofs for these, and they're awesome!). In addition, we will have 2x point greenies, physical mysteries, and MVMs available for you to cap.

The event will go until 5 pm (badge available throughout this time), so plan to make a day of it.

The Munzees will mostly be on the trails that go through the wooded section of this park, so depending on what the weather is over the next few weeks, you'll want to be prepared for either snow or mud. I'll update with the trail conditions during the week of the event, so keep an eye on this page. :-)

"Event Central" is still to be determined. Shelters at this park are not cheap to rent in advance, though we may grab an unused shelter the morning of. Look for a MVM deployed above the location where you can get the badge.

There will be small prizes for all attendees, as well as larger prizes for both the first to cap all event Munzees (awarded when this has been accomplished), and the highest point value on the event Munzees (awarded to the highest total when the event Munzees leave the map).

4/20/15 UPDATE: Munzees will deployed over the course of this week (though will not go live on the map until 11am on Saturday). Please be advised that capping early will take you out of the running for the competitive prizes on Saturday.

There will be an indigo MVM deployed above Event Central, so keep an eye out for it, and come get the event badge.

The weather this week looks a little soggy, so you'll definitely want to wear hiking boots, or other footwear that can handle mud!

For those that have inquired, the park is dog-friendly, but dogs must remain on-leash at all times.

See you all on Saturday! :-)

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