Our 5th year anniversary

Host: arts5
Date: October 08, 2015 - Thursday
Time: 7pm
Region: North America
Location: 309 Curtis Mathes Way, Arlington, TX Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
Come to Piranha Killer Sushi at 309 Curtis Mathes Way, Arlington, TX. Arts5 and Arts5wife's 5th year anniversary is Friday October 9th, but that's when the brewery event is going on so we are celebrating a day early. We will be there with family and have reserved a table for 8 just for us, so I will not have any reservations set up for munzee players. If you wanna eat some great sushi I would make a reservation OR just feel free to stop in and cap the badge and be own your way. Just look for us :) This is just a fun little way to commemorate our 5 years of marriage and share with the munzee world in having a badge. We both love sushi and our first date was at a sushi place. I will also have 100 MVM's to cap and they will only be live from 7pm-10pm so make sure you don't miss the 3 hour window. Thanks! Can't wait to see my family, celebrate, and do some munzeeing.

So again, come to cap the badge and 100 MVMs and say hi :)

PS> if you want the badge please be there ASAP. Our reservations are for 7pm and even though the MVMs will be there til 10pm I am not sure how long we will be there. I will try to have the badge and event pin QR codes by the door so if you don't want to come in you don't have to.

Unfortunately Arts5wife will not be here. Our 9 year old daughter fell backwards off a swing and broke her arm very bad. She is getting her cast on today (10/5/15) and my wife wants to stay home with her. Non-refundable plane tickets suck! I still will be there to see my brothers and participate in the bash.

event pin: https://www.munzee.com/m/EventIndicator/80/

40 Attendants: