CRAZY 8 - A St. Paul Munzee Birthday Celebration

Hosts: Whelen loeschfamily trailMom RBM
Date: July 13, 2019 - Saturday
Time: 09:30:00
Region: North America
Location: Como Park | 1403 Lexington Pkwy N | Saint Paul | MN |Event Indicator Pin Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
Munzee Turns 8! - This is CRAZY!

This is the First of two Munzee events that we will be hosting in the Twin Cities Area on this day.
Second Event:

A CRAZY 8 -Bee Walla Crazy event has been added to the mix!!

Good old Como Park! This park has been a city landmark for many years. Come and find us where the pink Indicator Pink is located.

We will be hosting the Top Birthday Package for this Event: The Super8 Filmmaker with the Magic 8 Ball add-on.

Which will include but not limited to:
- Unique Badge
- A Special Icon attached to all 50 of the temporary Event Pins that we will deploy around the park.
- Temporary Event Virtuals
- Eventzee
- All attendee will receive MHQ Birthday Badge.


Prizes!!! Watch for a little twist as we are going to combine a Leader-Board platform, Raffle platform and a Challenge platform all into one.
The Winners of this Crazy 8 Prize Give-A-Way will be announced at the Second Event starting 5:30PM and you must be present to WIN!

Link to the Event Leaderboard:

The Eventzee will start here in Como Park and will also conclude at the Second Event at Bohemian Flats Park.
One very lucky Eventzeer will win a very nice prize! You must be present to Win!

We are hoping to have Hot Coffee and Donuts provided to our Munzee Guests.

Munzee’s 8th birthday means we turn back time to relive the 80s! Show up in your best 80s attire, because we will (the hosts) be selecting a winner to be awarded MHQ's Best Dressed badge!

A more info and details to come, please check back often. . . . . . . Last Update 07/12/19

35 Attendants: