The Great Dorchester "Gunpowder, Treason and Plot"

Hosts: knightwood Georiffles TheMachman PompeyAquila
Date: November 04, 2018 - Sunday
Time: 12:00 till 2:30
Region: Europe
Location: Brewhouse and Kitchen, | Weymouth Avenue | Dorchester | Dorset |Event Indicator Pin Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
The Theme for this Munzee Event is "FIRE".

Guy Fawkes (TheMachman) is coming over from Perth, Australia in November, and meeting up with his Gang - Peter (Knightwood), Griff (Georiffles), & Roger (PompeyAquila), and they are plotting to destroy the Dorchester Government, by setting off Fire Munzees all around the town,

Around 75 Red Fire Munzees have been deployed in the weeks before the event, which with everybody help will turn all the greenies on fire, which will be able to be capped by their fellow players.

There will be a ""5 BLAST MUNZEES PACK"" as a reward prize, to the person that captures the most 'FIRE' Munzees and the 'fires' that get spread from these on the day, so cap away and win these 'blast' Munzees.

Guy Fawkes has plotting a Virtual "BONFIRE" Garden for players to deploy in, This is now completely full with a TOTAL of 363 virtuals to cap, so great points to be had from his "Bonfire", which is placed around the Dorchester Rugby Club Fields.

Also Guy Fawkes and his Gang will be plotting around 50 Gunpowder Event Pins with a Special Icon around Maumbury Rings in town centre.

Attendees will also earn a Gunpowder, Treason & Plot themed Event Badge.

The Event at Lunchtime will be in the "Brewhouse & Kitchen Restaurant", in the centre of Dorchester, a area around the bar has been reserved for us, food can be brought and eaten in this area, There is a large car park opposite, across the road.

Event Pins should go ""LIVE"" at 8am, but it's the night MHQ change their clocks so might be an hour out !!

The Event badge and pink event pin available to cap from Midday in The "Brewhouse

Hopefully at 2pm we can all meet up outside the Brewhouse for a 'sparkling' photo.

The Dorchester Rugby Club will be holding their big "Bonfire and Firework" Event at the Rugby Club on the Saturday evening, so well worth staying for the weekend and attending their evening.
Great fireworks display, hog roast, BBQ, bar & amusements

Dorchester fireworks Saturday 3rd November Gates Open 6:30pm Fireworks 8pm Tickets Family Ticket £12 (2 Adults + 2 Children) Adult £5 ... Dorchester RFC, Coburg Road, DORCHESTER, DORSET, DT1 2HX.

There is a Premier Inn behind the Brewhouse & Kitchen if required

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