Suncoast 2020

Hosts: dt07751 CoalCracker7 annabanana wemissmo
Date: January 18, 2020 - Saturday
Time: 11:00:00
Region: North America
Location: Trout Creek Park, Tampa, FL |Event Indicator Pin Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
The Annual Florida Suncoast Events January 17-18, 2020 will be a weekend filled with 6 events, 8 badges, prizes, friends, and of course munzees.
The weekend begins with a Friday evening event and event challenge in Brandon. Saturday will begin with events in Trout Creek Park, near the Emerald Garden, and includes a lunch of walking tacos and snacks. We will stop by the Brandon Peacock in Brandon during the afternoon and complete the day with an evening event and daily challenge.
If you register for the event, your name will be entered into the drawing for giveaways. Register by December 15 and you will be entered into an extra early registrant drawing for a personal munzee. Our favorite resellers, Dale & Barb, will be joining us and can assist you with your munzee needs.

6pm Friday January 17, 2020 event -
6pm Friday January 17, 2020 Challenge event
9:30am Saturday January 18, 2020 event -
11:00am Saturday January 18, 2020 event -
1:30pm Saturday January 18, 2020 event -
5:30pm Saturday January 18, 2020 event -
We hope to see you there!

Want to deploy at the event location? Maplink: Note: any deploys north of the river cannot be hand capped as it is inaccessible.
We are creating 2 gardens for the event attendees -
Brandon Peacock Garden at (FULL)
Suncoast Fish Garden at (FULL)
Nearby Gardens
Soldier's Peace -
Visit for a map of the many many munzee gardens available to attendees.

109 Attendants: