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Hosts: denali0407 Roogles Brandikorte ChrisAckley
Date: November 27, 2020 - Friday
Time: 13:00:00
Region: North America
Location: Fort Worth, TX |Event Indicator Pin Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
Perhaps 2020 has not been our best year (okay, it *definitely* has not been our best year), but what the heck. We can still be happy we've survived this mess so far, yes? Yes. So let's all go wave at each other from inside our own (increasingly expansive) personal spaces, show off our stylish masks, and marvel at the breadth, depth, and scope of this epic dumpster fire in which we're all engaged, like it or not (I'm going with "not," personally).

We might even have a few Munzees to capture, so ready your trigger fingers and let's get to capping. And yapping. And whatever other shenanigans sound appealing once we're together.

Brandi has worked her particular brand of saucy magic and come up with a garden that perfectly encapsulates this year and this event. By all means, join us! In person or in virtuals. Or both. But not neither. Because that would just be boring and boring is not on the menu this year. Nope.

Fire away! https://tinyurl.com/dumpsterfirekingswood

See you soon!

(...or, you know, *not* see you, if you come by some other time during the week these event goodies will be available, because: safety first! Yes, the badge & icon will be left for you to swing by and cap at your leisure. Or your speed, if that works best for you! The event greeting cards will also last the week. When they're gone, the badge & icon* are gone. Don't let that happen without you, because what fun would that be, I ask you?!)

*Hmmm. Perhaps I should have led with that? YES, a custom badge & icon! Not-so-little fires everywhere. It'll be a warming conflagration, of a sort. Heart-warming, maybe? Yes, that sounds good. Let's go with that.

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