Sugar and Sweet

Hosts: CoalCracker7 MsYB Jafo43 kpcrystal07
Date: February 05, 2022 - Saturday
Time: 11:30:00
Region: North America
Location: Edward Medard Park, Turkey Creek Road, Plant City, Florida |Event Indicator Pin Add To Google Calendar

Event Details:
Sugar and Sweet! 4 February 2022 is National Gumball Day and 14 February 2022 is Valentine's Day. The perfect way to celebrate both days is to have a Sugar and Sweet Event at Edward Medard Park, Plant City FL. This will be held right after the Medard Celebration at the pavilion. Snacks will be available. Be sure to mark your I'm Going! by 3 February 2022 to be entered into the prize drawing giveaway.
There are two nearby gardens for you to cap. Also, there will be new badges available at both events along with the munzee monthly event badge.
The links to the gardens are:

Gumball Machine
Sprinkle Cupcake

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