My Ole KY Home Mega Event

Hosts: munzeeprof superchucklez kwilhelm001 xptwo
Date: May 27, 2023 - Saturday
Time: 17:30:00
Region: North America
Location: Legion Park , 3047 Legion Park Drive, Owensboro , Kentucky |Event Indicator Pin Add To Google Calendar

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This will be the third / Main event of four (4) events held Memorial Weekend in Owensboro, Ky. Below are links to an event info page and a link page to the various gardens available for deploys. We will be updating the info page as well as the garden page as needed. The team is working hard to make these events special for all those who attend. Each event will have "Unique Badge & Map Pin Icon" and there will be a "Unique Overall Badge" for those who attend all four (4) events. Still in our planning for this event are some games and refreshments.

The winners / results of the "Zodiac Secret Word Challenge" will be announced at this event. The forms needed to participate in the "Word Challenge" will be available at both the Friday evening and Saturday morning events.

If anyone would like to become a sponsor for the events please contact either "munzeeprof" or "ncc1701e" for more details. Sponsors will recieve exclusive awards.

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