So, what is this site for?
This is the global calendar of all upcoming Munzee Events. You can add your event by going to the submit your event page.
How long does it take for my event to appear?
We will contact you within 24 hours after receiving the information. If everything goes smoothly, it should be 24 hours after that.
How do I change details about my event?
The creator of the event has the ability to make changes to their event via the Admin Details button at the top of the Event Page on the calendar.
How do I get official Munzee prizes for my event?
Email with the calendar link to your event and your wishes and you will be sent an invoice.
What are the prizes available for events?
Various credit items, stickers and gift certificates are available for purchase. Consult the price list for the full range of items available.
How can I get a member of Team Munzee at my event?
Ask nicely and tell us why you'd like us there and what difference we can make.
What comes with having a member of Team Munzee at my event?
Our presence and our presents ;)
I have an idea, suggestion, something else.
Great! Let us know.