For full information about Munzee Events, please see the Help Guide.
How do I know when events are taking place?
While many players choose to stay active on Facebook and other social media platforms, your number one stop for finding out about Munzee Events is the Munzee Calendar! Visit to discover when and where events are being held. This website provides a global calendar of ALL upcoming Munzee Events.
When you click on different events on the calendar, you will find more information including time, location, and who is attending. Be sure to login to your Munzee account and RSVP to events you’re planning to attend by clicking the “I’m Going!” button!
How do I add an event to the calendar?
Adding an event is easy! You can add your event by going to the submit your event page. This process is lined out in more detail in the “How to Create an Event” Help Guide article. Creating an event is free, but to really take your event to the next level you’ll want to “Purchase an Event Package” as well! Hoping to get a member of the Freeze Tag team at your event? Ask nicely! You never know when we can make it.
What are the Munzee Event Package options?
Ready to host your own event?! Check out the step-by-step process in the “Purchase an Event Package” Help Guide article. .
The Basic Event Package sells for $10, and includes:
  • A temporary account for the event (which will archive one week after the event)
  • 50 Event Pins
  • An event leaderboard for the Munzees on the event account
  • An event host badge (up to 4 hosts per event)
  • An Event Indicator Pin that puts the event on the map and a special icon to cap
  • A generic Event Attendee Badge
There are also additional event options that you can add on as desired, including “Special Munzees” for temporary placement, Eventzee Photo Scavenger Hunts, and prize giveaways. Themed Event Packages are also available at different times in the year, usually revolving around holidays like Halloween, and Christmas. You can view the Event Package Collection in the Freeze Tag Online Store.
What are Event Indicator Pins?
Event indicator pins are pink pins that indicate where an event is being held. This pin will put the event on the map and offer a special icon that attendees can capture. The QR code for it is attached to the email you will receive with your event account info, and you can capture this munzee within 300 ft (91.44 m) of the coordinates you give for it. When capped, you will receive the Event Indicator Special Icon. Please share this code with your guests.
You can locate the Event Indicator map HERE.
What is my “Go Live Time”?
All Event Munzees will be hidden from the map until your designated “go live time.” This allows you to take your time deploying any virtuals and then placing your physical munzees prior to your event without attendees knowing where they will be.
You set this go live time when you created your event, but you are able to choose the time you would like your munzees to be unhidden on the map through your event admin page. Some hosts prefer to release their map just before the event starts, and some like them to be "unhidden" halfway through the event. The choice is entirely yours.
Remember this is based on MHQ Time (CDT)
How can I get official Munzee prizes for my event?
To get official prizes, email after you have purchased your Event Package. Include which prizes you would like in that email as well. You will then be sent an invoice. Available prizes include various credit items, stickers, and gift certificates available for purchase. Consult the price list for the full range of items available. PIease remember that prizes are for hosts to award to attendees, not just access to cheaper munzee products for themselves.
What is the Generic Event Attendee Badge?
The Generic Event Attendee Badge was launched along with the 2019 Halloween Event Packages in September 2019 in order to offer a new generic Event Attendee badge to all Basic Event Packages. This badge will be awarded to any player who scans the event badge code, as long as they have not already earned it.
The badge is a great treat for new players who have never been to an event, and it comes at no additional cost to the event hosts. The Generic Event Attendee Badge will have the same code that custom artwork is attached to. If players were to scan the badge code at a Halloween event, for example, they would earn the generic Event Attendee Badge, the Halloween Event Attendee Badge, and the event's custom Halloween badge all in one scan.
What other badges can I earn at events?
One of the awesome and unique parts about events is all of the special badges that players can earn. There are many different badges to pick up, including Event Attendee Badges, Event Host Badges, the Double the Fun Badge, Limited Edition themed badges, and more!