Munzee Event Package

Basic Package

A basic Munzee package, for $10.00, includes:

You can purchase a Basic Event Package in the Freeze Tag Online Store. Throughout the year Themed Event Packages will also be available at different pricing points.

Additional Event Options

There are a number of additional products that Event Hosts can purchase to enhance their event. The add-on products include giveaways, special munzees for temporary placement, and more. Events can also have a special icon and/or badge that will be created and customized, using the host’s thoughts and ideas, by Team Munzee’s graphic design department.

If you would like to include add-on purchases to your event, reply directly to the "Event Package Added" email after you have purchased an event package.

Type Quantity Price
Removal of Proximity Rules on event account
(Event Pins still have to be 100ft from each other)
Custom Made Icon & Special Capture (only available on Event Pins) $50.00
Custom Made Event Badge $50.00

"Special Munzees" for Temporary Placement

Type Quantity Price
Virtual Munzees Packs of 5 $5.00
Amethysts Packs of 5 $15.00
Surprises Packs of 10 $15.00
Virtual Colors (one off charge for amount of Mystery Virtuals/Virtuals bought) $10.00
5 Stage Event Trail 1 $15.00
10 Stage Event Trail 1 $20.00

Add An Eventzee Photo Scavenger Hunt to your Event!

For $50, the Eventzee Scavenger Hunt includes:

  • Eventzee Hunt with up to 20 clues
  • Up to 99 points per clue
  • Max total points 500 per player
  • Double Fun badges for hosts and attendees posted to Munzee Account
  • 500 Munzee Points for each active player

Prize Giveaways

Type Quantity Price
Assorted Sticker Grab Bag 100 Stickers $25.00
Mini Mystery Stickers (limit of 5 packs) 20 pack $10.00
Event Pin Generic Stickers 100 stickers $17.50
Custom Icon Generic Stickers (up to 4 weeks lead time) 500 stickers $100.00
Virtual Munzees* 5 $15.00
Virtual Colors* 5 $5.00
Motel Credits* 5 $5.00
Hotel Credits* 5 $10.00
Virtual Resorts* 5 $20.00
Diamond Credits* 5 $15.00
Topaz Credits* 5 $15.00
Ruby Credits* 5 $20.00
Amethysts* 5 $20.00
Flat Robs* 5 $20.00
Surprises* 5 $20.00
Blast Captures* 5 $20.00
Rovers* 2 $5.00
Social Munzee* 2 $5.00
Premium Membership* $20.00
$30 Munzee Store Credit (divided into any amount) $25.00
$100 Munzee Store Credit (divided into any amount) $75.00
Custom Badge T-Shirt (up to 3 weeks lead time) From $16.99
Custom Badge Personal Munzee Tags (up to 4 weeks lead time) 10 Pack $100.00
Event Indicator Pin Coinz (up to 4 weeks lead time) 10 Pack $50.00
Custom Badge Coinz (up to 8 weeks lead time) 100 Pack $500.00

All prizes with a (*) will be credited to the winner’s account approx. 48 hours after event host submitting the player names and split to